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Dr. Meltzer’s weight loss program is based on the groundbreaking principle behind thousands of his weight-loss success stories—and it probably goes against almost everything you’ve ever heard…

“You will not keep your weight off by trying to cut calories and exercise sensibly,” says Dr. Meltzer. No wonder 97% of diets fail in the long-term!

Losing weight and keeping it off is not about the calories you eat – it’s how efficiently you BURN them! And this metabolic “burn rate” is something you can change!

Experience for yourself this life-changing program and overcome the two biggest obstacles that are holding you back from achieving and sustaining your weight loss goals:

  • Yes, with our program, you can reset your metabolic rate to naturally burn through your meals and excess fat!
  • Yes, with our program, you can naturally curb your appetite and overcome your most self-defeating eating habits, such as overeating, cravings, food addiction, and late-night indulgences!

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Almost 50% of the US population is dieting, yet only 3% of these people achieve long-term results. What’s going on?

Dr. Meltzer explains that the American lifestyle, over time, damages the burning function of our metabolism. Everything from high-stress living, to the foods we eat, to the hours of sitting at our desks—and even the prescription drugs we may be taking—can all contribute to metabolic imbalances that cause our bodies to hoard the calories we consume as body fat.

To make matters worse, the foods that we diet on can actually slow down and impair our metabolism—the body responds by storing even more calories as fat! That is why so many of us have excess weight that we can do nothing about—even when dieting and exercising.

Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight is Simple…You Just Need to Know the Secret!

The good news is there is an alternative to quick-fix diets and unsustainable weight loss plans. The secret isn’t counting calories with sensible exercise. The secret is creating Metabolic Fire—that is, firing up your metabolism to naturally burn through your meals and excess fat.

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Our permanent weight loss program is so effective for long-term results because it empowers you with the tools and strategies to overcome the primary causes of weight gain, obesity, and failed weight loss attempts.

  • #1 Root Cause of Weight Gain - A Sluggish Metabolism
  • #2 Root Cause of Weight Gain - An Overactive, Compulsive, or Impulsive Appetite

Dr. Meltzer has helped thousands of patients lose weight permanently and overcome these obstacles through his proven 3-step system--also known as the Three Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss.

Pillar I: Naturally Accelerate Your Metabolism

  • Naturally and Permanently Fire Up your Metabolism to Effectively Burn Fats and Carbs, so You can Keep Your Weight in Check with Ease.
  • Discover the Smart Foods endowed with metabolically stimulating nutrients and daily directions on what to eat and when!
  • Learn how to use Super-nutrients to suppress your appetite, super-charge your metabolism, and increase your energy & vitality
  • Incorporate stress management techniques that combat the negative impact of chronic stress on your metabolism
  • Find out when and how to exercise for best results

Pillar II: Master Your Eating Habits

  • Learn Simple Strategies for Curbing Your Appetite, Overcoming Emotional Overeating, and Outfoxing Temptations, Cravings, and Impulsiveness.
  • The 7 Golden Rules of Smart Eating
  • The Appetite Suppressing Power of a Nutritional Timeout
  • Making the distinction between your appetite and hunger to avoid impulsive eating
  • Strategies for dealing with Emotion Tension (EMT), the prime villain in emotional eating
  • The RIEXA Technique of behavior modification for beating overeating

Pillar III: Acquire the Inner Strengths of Permanent Weight Loss

  • Learn How to Create the Ongoing Self-inspiration and Inner Strength to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
  • How to Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Heart and Feed Your Soul—as an alternative to filling yourself with food—for successful, sustained weight loss.
  • Methods to Acquire the Inner Strengths of Permanent Weight Loss: Mind Power, Soul Power, and Mood Power
  • The 3 D’s of self-control, the 10 steps to self-confidence, the 3 muscles of mood power, and more!

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There are many interesting challenges in life, not the least of which is to stay well and fit throughout your life. Dr. Meltzer‘s wellness programs can make the difference between a life of vitality and wellness or one of disease. Dr. Meltzer is a well-respected, internationally known, Board Certified physician. He is recognized for his integrative approach to balancing the mind, the body, the heart, and the soul. His wellness programs will empower you with a step-by-step formula to develop the strategies, technique, and skills to strengthen your body, enrich your immune system, and enhance the quality of your life. He can teach you how to become a champion in your own life. He has helped me and thousands of others.
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Finally... an easy to follow, healthy, long-term weight loss solution. This is a must read for all of those looking to lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Meltzer‘s unique program addresses the whole person—the mind, body, heart, and soul—and empowers you to break through the cycle of weight loss and weight gain.
Dr. Meltzer demystifies the weight loss process, and teaches you everything you need to know to lose your excess weight and keep it off. Not only does Dr. Meltzer give you an easy to follow nutritional plan to lose your excess weight, but he shows you how to tap into the power of your mind, heart, and soul to achieve permanent results.
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