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Dr. Meltzer’s weight loss program is based on the groundbreaking principle behind thousands of his weight-loss success stories—and it probably goes against almost everything you’ve ever heard…

“You will not keep your weight off by trying to cut calories and exercise sensibly,” says Dr. Meltzer. No wonder 97% of diets fail in the long-term!

Losing weight and keeping it off is not about the calories you eat – it’s how efficiently you BURN them! And this metabolic “burn rate” is something you can change!

Check out the following resources and overcome the two biggest obstacles that are holding you back from achieving and sustaining your weight loss goals:

  • Yes, with our program, you can reset your metabolic rate to naturally burn through your meals and excess fat!
  • Yes, with our program, you can naturally curb your appetite and overcome your most self-defeating eating habits, such as overeating, cravings, food addiction, and late-night indulgences!

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The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (Bundle)
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Our Premium Weight Loss Bundle includes a unique and powerful combination of resources to walk you through every step of our Permanent Weight Loss Program, including:

  • Re-setting your metabolic rate and creating the Metabolic Fire necessary to burn through your meals and excess fat.
  • Learning simple strategies to curb your appetite, overcome emotional overeating, and outfox cravings, food temptations, and impulsiveness.
  • Acquiring the inner strengths of permanent weight loss to create the ongoing self-inspiration to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Here's what you get for only $197:

  • A one-year subscription to Dr. Meltzer’s Online Video Coaching Program (learn more below)
  • Dr. Meltzer’s bestselling book, The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (learn more below)
  • The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss – Motivational CD Set (learn more below)

The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (Book)Order Here!

The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss is your owner’s manual for permanent weight loss—packed with all of the tools and strategies you’ll need to lose your weight, keep it off, and overcome any challenges you might face along the way.

Dr. Meltzer has helped thousands of people lose weight, keep it off, and never look back—and for the first time he’s revealing the secret behind his life-changing program.

This innovative, self-empowering weight-loss guide takes you on a wellness journey that puts an end to the frustrating cycle of weight loss and recurrent weight gain. Dr. Meltzer demystifies the weight loss process and explains that losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t have to be a struggle—you just need to know the secret.

The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss:
Online Video Coaching ProgramClick Here
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Our Online Video Coaching Program provides the extra guidance and support that you would receive in a consultation with Dr. Meltzer, but from the comfort of your home!

Everything you need to know and everything you need to do to take charge of your weight loss plan is captured in a series of motivational videos, weekly lessons, and activities.

15 coaching consultations with Dr. Meltzer could easily cost you over $2,000, but we’re making this program available for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you get for an introductory price of only $150 (typically $300):

  • 1 year subscription to our Online Video Coaching Program
  • 15 videos and coaching lessons in a consultation like setting that take you simple-step by simple-step through our Permanent Weight Loss Program.
  • Written lessons that highlight the main concepts of each video lesson and how to apply them.
  • Activities accompanying each video and written lesson that help you put your new skills and strategies into action.

Patients have described our online weight-loss program as the ultimate in self-empowerment, motivation, inspiration, and education.  It is a great, cost effective way to get additional guidance and support for your weight-loss plan.

The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (CD Set)Available Soon

Stay inspired to achieve your weight loss goals with this motivational CD set!

This CD set is a unique opportunity to connect with Dr. Meltzer’s passion, philosophy, and principles on how to lose weight permanently. 

The CDs are designed to accompany you and be a motivational ally on your path to permanent weight loss.  Take Dr. Meltzer’s inspirational message with you wherever you go and it will provide you with the support you need to push forward and follow through on the important themes of the program. In addition to being motivational, the CDs are designed to accompany the book and highlight the key principles of each chapter that you will need to focus on.

The CD program will inspire you to take the necessary steps to lose your excess weight and keep it off!

Weight Loss Coaching ServicesLearn More!

We offer a variety of weight-loss coaching services that can be tailored to your personal weight-loss goals.

Our highly trained coaching staff provides you with personalized guidance, support, and accountability in working your way through our permanent weight-loss program.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Meltzer and Jordan Meltzer, the authors of The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss, in setting and reaching your weight-loss goals. This is a great option for those looking for additional motivation, personalized coaching, and support.

Nutritional Supplementation / Super-NutrientsOrder Here!

We use the highest quality nutritional supplementation and super-nutrients to support accelerated, healthy weight loss.

The Nutritional Supplementation Program that we recommend plays an important role in helping you achieve your weight-loss goals.  There are three main benefits that make our Nutritional Supplementation Program so effective. 

Our supplementation program is designed to:
1.      Rejuvenate your metabolism for an accelerated metabolic rate.
2.      Curb your appetite and can be used as an alternative to snacking between meals.
3.      Increase your energy and vitality.

Given all of the benefits of our Nutritional Supplementation Program, we highly recommend you incorporate these supplements into your nutritional program to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.