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The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss
Increase your metabolic rate, naturally curb your appetite, and overcome the two biggest obstacles that are holding you back from achieving and sustaining your weight-loss goals.
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The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss  

is your owner's manual for permanent weight loss – packed with all of the tools and strategies you'll need to lose your weight, keep it off, and overcome any challenges you might face along the way.

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Motivational CD
Stay motivated and inspired with this motivational 6-CD set!  

This is a unique opportunity to connect with Dr. Meltzer’s passion, philosophy, and principles on how to lose weight permanently.                          

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Online Video Coaching Program
Get the extra guidance and support that you would receive in a consultation with Dr. Meltzer, but from the comfort of your home! 

Everything you need to know and everything you need to do to take charge of your weight loss plan is captured in a series of motivational videos, weekly lessons, and activities.

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Premium Weight Loss Bundle
Purchase our premium weight loss bundle and save $38 (over 15%). Includes: 
  • Bestselling Book,
  • Motivational CD Set, and
  • Online Video Coaching Program!

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Coaching ServicesCoaching Services We offer a variety of weight-loss coaching services that can be tailored to your personal weight-loss goals. Set-up your weight loss plan, and receive ongoing guidance, accountability, and support. Contact Us!
The Ten Rules of High Performance Living
The Ten Rules is your guide to a healthy, happy, balanced, and purposeful life.
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The 10 Rules for High Performance Living 

Follow these 10 simple rules and you can look forward to sustained enthusiasm, increased energy, peak physical performance, and greater fulfillment in your relationships and your life. Carl Lewis – who Dr. Meltzer trained during his quest for his 10th gold medal – writes the forward.

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Motivational CD
Stay motivated... 

and make the necessary life altering, life-expanding adjustments in your own lifestyle to keep yourself fresh, energized, and full of life.  This 3-CD set highlights each rule and helps you apply them to your life.

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Book & CD Bundle
Purchase the book & CD bundle and save $10. 



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Make Time for Wellness

Learn how a simple wellness plan can increase your energy & vitality, slow the aging process, prevent disease & chronic illness, and save your life! Learn More!

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Coaching Manual,
Wellness Program  This unique and powerful wellness program packages the best of Dr. Meltzer's secrets on naturally increasing your energy & vitality, slowing the aging process, and preventing disease into a self-empowering, simple to follow wellness plan.Contact Us!
Coaching ServicesSet up your personal wellness plan and learn everything you 

need to know to be well, stay well, and live well.  Includes a personalized:

  • Nutritional Plan
  • Physical Fitness Plan
  • Stress Reduction Plan
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Nutritional Supplements

These are the Nutritional Supplements, also referred to as "Super-Nutrients," that Dr. Meltzer strongly supports and uses widely in his practice. You can order these products by accessing the websites provided below. ***Please note, these products are not sold through our shopping cart. By clicking on the links below, you will be redirected to a third-party vendor.

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Re-Vita Liquahealth

is great nutritional supplement for your overall health, vitality, and wellbeing. Taken daily, Re-Vita will increase your energy, serve as a high-quality multiple vitamin, and provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs.

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Brewer’s Yeast
Brewer’s yeast is a powerful cleanser of the liver, 

helps stabilize blood sugar, promotes healthy pancreatic function, and supports cellular metabolic function.  In addition to boosting your metabolism and immune system, brewer's yeast can be used as a powerful appetite suppressant and as an energizing alternative to snacking between meals

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