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Double Your Energy, Slow the Aging Process, & Prevent Disease

Would You Like to be Rich in Life?

At MWI, our goal is to give you the strategies to be rich in life and the tools to be well. Interestingly, being rich in health is a stepping stone to being rich in life. You see, being rich in health gives you the inspiration, motivation, and drive to pursue and achieve your goals. Yes, being rich in wellness increases your capacity to be rich in love, rich in spirit, rich in happiness, and rich in wealth.

Our Rich in Life, Rich in Health program has helped thousands of people achieve their wellness goals

  • This unique and powerful wellness program packages the best of Dr. Meltzer's secrets on naturally increasing your energy and vitality, slowing the aging process, and preventing disease into a self-empowering, simple to follow wellness plan.
  • Experience for yourself these coveted secrets that integrate the most effective dimensions of health, wellness, and healing from around the world. These techniques draw on Dr. Meltzer's extensive clinical experience as a doctor of Preventive Medicine and have been developed and refined in nearly 200,000 patient consultations.

Would You Like to Double Your Energy & Vitality?Contact Us!

Double your energy and watch how it doubles your happiness and doubles your income! Dr. Meltzer has learned that our personal energy level is crucial to our happiness, success, and well being. Discover for yourself the strategies and techniques that will guide you to double your energy and increase your capacity to live, love, laugh, and enjoy life!

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Are You Ready to Look Younger, Feel Younger,
and Naturally Slow the Aging Process?Click Here to
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It makes sense to have an anti-aging program. Why is that? Because everyone gets chronologically older, but not everyone has to age. Our Rich in Life, Rich in Health program is the antidote to stress-induced, accelerated aging. Find out for yourself how you can look and feel years younger and promote your overall energy, vitality, and wellbeing.

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Are You Interested in Securing Your Quality of Life,
and Preventing Chronic Disease?Click Here to
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An effective wellness program needs a strong defense. That's why our Rich in Life, Rich in Health series is designed to defend your body against disease. Did you realize that chronic and degenerative disease, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, have become epidemic in our society and are undermining the quality of our lives? The good news is the body was built to be well and stay well—you just need to have the right kind of wellness planning!

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What You Will Learn in this Life-changing Wellness Program:

The objective of the Rich in Life, Rich in Health program is to empower you with tangible tools and strategies to naturally increase your energy, slow the aging process, and prevent disease. We’ll be teaching a system of Energy Banking that will help you achieve these goals, and is based on the following wellness formula:

  • Energy & Wellbeing = Deposits (Nutrition) — Withdrawals (Stress)

Learn how to maximize your deposits (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nutrition) and minimize your withdrawals (nutritional, mental, and emotional stress), so you can achieve endless energy and the best of health. Alternatively, when your withdrawals outweigh your deposits, you can go into “wellness debt”, which eventually leads to fatigue, accelerated aging, burnout, and disease.

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There are many interesting challenges in life, not the least of which is to stay well and fit throughout your life. Dr. Meltzer‘s wellness programs can make the difference between a life of vitality and wellness or one of disease. Dr. Meltzer is a well-respected, internationally known, Board Certified physician. He is recognized for his integrative approach to balancing the mind, the body, the heart, and the soul. His wellness programs will empower you with a step-by-step formula to develop the strategies, technique, and skills to strengthen your body, enrich your immune system, and enhance the quality of your life. He can teach you how to become a champion in your own life. He has helped me and thousands of others.
-Carl Lewis, 10 time Olympic Champion
I was amazed at how easy it was to lose weight and improve my health, once I had the right game plan. Dr. Meltzer's Program is designed to create a lifetime and a lifestyle of wellness. Not only did Dr. Meltzer help me lose weight, but I feel more prepared, both physically and mentally, to handle life's challenges and decisions. His tested Wellness Plan and Permanent Weight Loss Program works. I feel more energized, calm, more centered, and more serene than ever.
-Dick Enberg, CBS & ESPN Sportscaster
Finally... an easy to follow, healthy, long-term weight loss solution. This is a must read for all of those looking to lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Meltzer‘s unique program addresses the whole person—the mind, body, heart, and soul—and empowers you to break through the cycle of weight loss and weight gain.
Dr. Meltzer demystifies the weight loss process, and teaches you everything you need to know to lose your excess weight and keep it off. Not only does Dr. Meltzer give you an easy to follow nutritional plan to lose your excess weight, but he shows you how to tap into the power of your mind, heart, and soul to achieve permanent results.
-Marci Shimoff, Keynote Speaker & Author