• The Nutrition of Beets: Upbeat Mood & Liver Booster

Learn a System of Energy Banking to Achieve Your Wellness Goals!

The objective of the Rich in Life, Rich in Health program is to empower you with tangible tools and strategies to naturally increase your energy, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.

We'll be teaching a system of Energy Banking that will help you achieve these goals, and is based on the following wellness formula:

Energy & Wellbeing = Deposits (Nutrition) – Withdrawals (Stress)

Learn how to maximize your deposits (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nutrition) and minimize your withdrawals (nutritional, mental, and emotional stress), so you can achieve endless energy and the best of health. Alternatively, when your withdrawals outweigh your deposits, you can go into “wellness debt”, which eventually leads to fatigue, accelerated aging, burnout, and disease.

Our Energy Banking system will teach you how to build your wellness income and feed the Four Aces of being Rich in Life and Rich in Health

Ace #1: Develop Immune Power – Learn how to Feed Your BodyContact Us!

  • Construct a high-energy nutritional program around Nutrients and Super-nutrients, and learn how to avoid Anti-nutrients that lead to long term stress, accelerated aging, and fatigue.
  • Learn physical disciplines to revitalize your body, master glands and nervous system.
  • Discover the secrets to rejuvenating and restoring your body’s self-repair mechanisms.

Ace #2: Develop Mind Power – Learn how to Feed Your MindContact Us!

  • Implement the most effective stress management techniques and incorporate powerful mind-body disciplines to energize your life.
  • Unleash the power of positive belief systems and cultivate dynamic willpower.

Ace #3: Develop Mood Power – Learn how to Feed Your HeartContact Us!

  • Acquire the habits of happiness to feed your heart and become rich in love.

Ace #4: Develop Soul Power – Learn how to Feed Your SoulContact Us!

  • Learn effective meditation techniques to generate, magnify and focus your energy.
  • Establish inner peace, inner joy and purpose in your life and nourish your soul.