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Who Wants to Be Sick?

Chronic Disease Has Become an Epidemic…But It Doesn't Have to be That Way for You!

Sadly, chronic disease has become a way of life in our society. Let's look at the facts. At least 80% of Americans over the age of 65 are afflicted with one or more chronic disease. The average 65 year old has at least 2 chronic illnesses, and the average 75 year old has at least 3 chronic illnesses. These illnesses have a huge impact on quality of life. As a specialist in Preventive Medicine, I have witnessed firsthand that the great majority of these chronic illnesses are preventable with the right wellness planning.

Chronic Disease is Undermining our Quality of Life

At MWI, our purpose is to empower you with the tools to achieve long-term wellness, happiness, and vitality. In essence, we want to give you the strategies to maximize your quality of life and be happy. What most people don't realize, until it is too late, is that when you are afflicted by disease, and more specifically, a chronic illness, it is more than difficult to live out your dreams. With some simple wellness planning, you can get to it before it gets to you. Most people are familiar with the idea of financial planning. But what good is wealth when you don't have the health, the energy, or the vitality to enjoy it?

Wellness Planning is the Call to ActionLearn More!

At MWI, we have a simple motto when it comes to disease. "The least costly illness is the one that never occurs." We've discussed how chronic disease can restrict the quality of our lives, but it is also becoming a drain on our personal finances and national healthcare system. The medical care costs of people with chronic diseases account for more than 75% of the nation's $2 trillion medical care costs. It's time we do something about it.

The Rich in Life, Rich in Health program will teach you how to look after your wellbeing with a powerful system of wellness planning, just as you would look after your finances with prudent financial planning. Enroll today and discover for yourself how our Energy Banking system will empower you with the tools and strategies to stay well and prevent chronic disease.

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