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Would You Like to Double Your Energy & Vitality?

Your energy is your most vital resource. Once you become familiar with a simple, ancient principle, you'll understand the secret behind achieving endless energy and vitality. What might that secret be? Dynamic, powerful life energies lie dormant within you! They simply need to be activated. That's the purpose of our Rich in Life, Rich in Health program.

  • How would you like to double or triple your energy level?
  • Can you afford to have more energy in your life?
  • Do you ever:
    • Feel like you can't get enough sleep?
    • Find yourself reaching for coffee in the morning to get yourself going or caffeinated sodas or energy drinks to get you through the day?
    • Come home from work exhausted, tired or fatigued?
    • Feel like you don't have enough energy to work and play as well as you'd like?

For 40 years, Dr. Meltzer has specialized in teaching people how to stay vibrant, youthful, and healthy, and thereby prevent disease. In over 200,000 patient consultations, Dr. Meltzer has learned that our personal energy level is crucial to our happiness, success, and wellbeing.

  • Happiness
    • Endless energy increases your capacity to live, love, laugh and enjoy life
  • Success
    • Learning how to generate, magnify and focus your energy will enable you to succeed and get ahead in all of your endeavors at home, work and play
  • Health
    • Your personal energy level is a leading indicator of long term health
    • Increasing your energy is one of the secrets to anti-aging and preventing disease

How can you increase your energy and vitality?Learn More!

How do you go about increasing your energy and vitality? You will need to learn how to unleash your dormant powers within by nourishing, activating, and energizing the most important parts of your being—your body, mind, heart, and soul. This is spelled out for you in detail in our Rich in Life, Rich in Health series.

Enroll in our Rich in Life, Rich in Health program today and you will learn a proven system of Energy Banking that will give you the tools to double your energy and vitality.

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