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Dr. Meltzer retains a thriving consultation practice in Del Mar, California, where he offers a variety of  services as a primary care physician and Wellness, Weight Loss, and Energy Coach. In his extensive career, Dr. Meltzer has seen more than 60,000 patients and conducted nearly 200,000 consultations.

As a board certified medical doctor, Dr. Meltzer fulfills the role of a traditional primary care physician, but with an emphasis on addressing the whole person and not just the condition. He sees patients for everything from the common cold and upper respiratory infections, to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Dr. Meltzer incorporates a multi-dimensional and natural approach to wellness, anti-aging, and preventing disease.  His program features nutritional, emotional, and spiritual healing techniques designed to engage his patients to become more active in their own healing process and resolve the root cause of their ailments. His services include:

  • Integrative Care - Dr. Meltzer has extensive experience integrating natural healing techniques and lifestyle changes with traditional medicine to individualize optimal health care for each of his patients.
  • Alternative Care - Patients often seek out Dr. Meltzer to understand the non-drug and non-surgery alternatives to overcoming the health challneges they are experiencing.
  • Preventive Care - Dr. Meltzer works with his patients to be well and stay well.  This includes helping them achieve their ideal weight, stay healthy, increase their energy and vitality, and prevent disease.

At the initial patient visit Dr. Meltzer will perform a complete history and physical exam. It is helpful to bring past medical records, lab results, M.R.I. results, etc. to the consultation. After evaluating all pertinent data, Dr. Meltzer will then determine what kind of therapy is best for you. The wellness prescription will often integrate modalities from Traditional Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Complementary & Alternative Medicine, in order to individualize and optimize patient care.

For those interested in an appointment with Dr. Meltzer, please contact the office manager at the information provided below.

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